PP Hollow Plastic Formwork

PP hollow plastic formwork refers to a type of formwork used in construction for creating concrete structures such as walls, columns, and slabs. It can replace wooden or  plywood formwork well because we can use PP hollow plastic formwork more times than wooden formwork. Our product is more durable because it is waterproof, strong strength, good toughness and wear-resistant. What’s more, shaped concrete structure is better than that use wooden formwork as a clean and smooth surface and it doesn’t stick to the cement.

Our formworks are typically sheets that can be assembled to form the desired shape and size of the concrete structure. They are designed to withstand the pressure exerted by wet concrete while providing a smooth finish to the concrete surface.

PP hollow plastic formwork                         PP hollow plastic formwork

Comparison between PP hollow plastic formwork with wooden formwork.

Product Reuse Times Features
PP hollow plastic formwork At least 50 times 1. wear-resistant, waterproof, no deformation, no delamination.
2.No brushing oil procedure.
3. It is suitable for curved-surface concrete construction.
wood plywood formwork 1-20 times 1. easy to deform and delamination after absorbing water
2. Brushing oil is necessary.

Quality Test

Please see the videos below to check our quality.



Main size: 1830mm*915mm/2440mm*1220mm

Thickness: 12mm/15mm/18mm/20mm ( customized size is available.)

Main material: modified polypropylene

Both round holes and square holes are available.

Technical Parameter

Test Item Unit of measure Standard Inspection reference Inspection Result Decision
Water absorption % ≤0.5 GB/T 1034 0.2 conform
Surface hardness HD ≥58 GB/T 2411 72 conform
Simply supported beams
have no notched impact
vertical KJ/ ≥30 GB/T 1043.1 49.9 conform
horizontal KJ/ ≥30 GB/T 1043.1 30.4 conform
Vicat softening temperature ≥80 GB/T 1633 86.6 conform
Dimensional shrinkage under heat vertical % -0.2~+0.2 JG/T 418 -0.17 conform
horizontal % -0.2~+0.2 JG/T 418 0.13 conform

The advantages of PP hollow plastic formwork.

Lightweight: Polypropylene is a lightweight thermoplastic resin, designed with a scientific hollow structure to make our PP hollow formwork lightweight. It is convenient for workers in the construction sites to handle and transport to improve efficiency.

Durable: Good mechanical properties, good heat resistance, good chemical stability, acid, alkali, and organic solvent resistance. It does not shrink, does not swell when wet, does not crack, does not deform, and is dimensionally stable -10℃ to 75℃ temperature. It is very suitable for applications in coastal areas, mines, sea dams, and other projects. It does not require any anti-corrosion treatment during use and storage and will not pollute the concrete.

Easy to assemble and dismantle: It allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly, increasing efficiency on the construction site.

Smooth finish: The smooth surface of the plastic formwork produces a high-quality finish on the concrete, eliminating the need for additional finishing work.

Eco-friendly: Use eco-friendly material to produce, no pollution, and there is no waste about forest resources.

Reusable: It is durable and reusable at least 50 times to save the cost of the projects.

Overall, PP hollow plastic formwork offers a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable solution for concrete construction projects.

The video below is about our formwork used in the construction sites.

Henan Yaohang

Henan Yaohang is a direct manufacturer in China, So we may give you a competitive price based on reliable quality. What’s more, we can support you with technical support when the construction workers set up the formwork and solve the problems for the customers. Besides, Henan Yaohang is a reliable manufacturer, we want to sell our products to more countries and districts. So we consider quality as the whole life of our enterprise. So We often train our workers and tell them how important quality is. Besides, we care about the lives of our worker to make sure they try their best to get the job done well. They are always energetic and careful with their job. We welcome you to visit our factory if you have any opportunities.

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