Installation Direction of PP Hollow Formwork

1.The production, installation and dismantling of plastic formwork should meet the requirements of the special construction plan; Before the formwork is made and installed, the technical disclosure of the special construction plan should be carried out.
2. The production of plastic template should be processed according to the drawings, and should meet the requirements of strong versatility, flexible assembly and disassembly, tight seams, easy support.
3. The allowable deviation of plastic template production should comply with the provisions of technical drawings.

serial number Acceptance project Deviations are allowed(mm ) Inspection method
1 length 0-3 Steel tape measure inspection
2 width 0-1 Steel tape measure inspection
3 Diagonal differe ±2.0 Steel tape measure inspection
4 Rib spacing +2.0 Steel tape measure inspection
5 Hole spacing ±1.0 Steel tape measure inspection
6 aperture +0.5 Vernier caliper check
4. Check the surface of the plastic template before use, the wood should be planed flat, it is recommended to use 60mm*80mm wood, steel pipe, section steel, should be corrected and straightened before use.
5. The formwork of vertical structure, beam and plane structure is used with wooden square and steel frame to build internal and external flutes, and its support should be supported by steel frame.
6. The plastic template should be measured, unlined and positioned during installation, and the shape, size and relative position of the engineering structure and components should be guaranteed. The installation site should have measurement and control points for template installation and inspection.
. 7The splicing of plastic templates should comply with the following regulations:
The seam of the template should be tight and flat, without misalignment;
The seam of the flat formwork should be on the wood/steel frame, and the gaps that appear in other cases should be sealed with tape, and the construction personnel should strictly implement it;
The direction of the hollow formwork through hole should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the sealing measures should be taken to close the through hole with adhesive tape to prevent cement slurry from penetrating into the hole from the splicing joint at the end of the plate; Double-sided adhesive is recommended.
8. When building formwork of flat structure such as floor slab and beam formwork, the hollow plastic formwork is used in conjunction with wood/steel frame, and the spacing between the inner corrugated wood/steel frame should not be greater than 200mm.
The wood spacing can be adjusted accordingly according to the thickness of the plane structure, and the reference standards are as follows:

Flat structure thickness Inner corrugated wood square/steel frame spacing Support system
1OOmmand below 180mm Compatible with metal frame support
100mm-150mm 150mm
150mm-200mm 120mm
200mm-300mm 100mm
300mmand above

Appropriately reduce the wooden spacing, not more than 100mm

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