2000 pieces of PP Plastic Hollow Formwork in Construction from Henan Yaohang is delivered to Construction Site on March 19,2024

It is sunny today. In spring, trees become green and flowers bloom. Everything looks very perfect. Good weather always makes people happy.

Of course, there is a piece of good news from Henan Yaohang Alloy Formwork Co.,ltd. We delivered 2000 pieces of PP plastic hollow formwork in Construction to the construction site in China one hour before. These formwork in construction are delivered to one of our regular customers in China. They build high-rise buildings in China. Before they use plywood formwork, then they turn to our PP plastic hollow formwork. They said our formwork is very convenient and saves a lot of cost for them.

2000 pieces of plastic formwork in construction

2000 pieces of plastic formwork in construction

Our product always receives a lot of good feedback from our customers. Are you curious about our product? Please click the link below to get more information about our formwork.

Our plastic formwork in construction is waterproof, not delaminated or cracked, with high strength, good impact resistance, and good toughness. It can be nailed, cut, sawed, and drilled. It is very convenient to use. We can also make the size as your requirement, we will be very happy if we can save some cost for your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Plastic Construction Formwork for 50 Times

Henan Yaohang Alloy Formwork Co.,ltd is a reliable PP plastic formwork manufacturer in China. At present, our factory is encouraging more customers to cooperate with us, so the price now is very competitive. If you are looking for plastic formwork, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you. A free sample is also available. Welcome you to visit our factory.


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