Why can plastic building panels replace plywood formwork?

Today what I am talking about is plastic building panels. We call it PP hollow plastic formwork.

What’s the raw material?

The raw material is modified Polypropylene. Modified Polypropylene has the following features: good heat-resistant ability, excellent strength, light-weight, wear-resistance, corrossion resitance. All these advantages are good for formwork. We always choose high grade of raw material to produce because we know how bad formwork has effect on the shaped concrete.

Why we use plastic building panels not plywood or timber formwork?

1.Our formwork is waterproof. It is more durable than the tradtional plywood or timber formwork. When used in humid areas, it really brings more convient because it doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t deform on the rainy days or humid environment.

2.If you have used plywood formwork or timber formwork, you must know how many times can each piece of formwork be used. Our  formwork can be used at least 50 times. It really save the cost.

3.Our formwork has strong ability of impact resistance. Don’t worry about the violent construction if use our formwork as the our formwork is very durable, not fractured and delaminated.

4.When construct curved buildings, it is necessary because it has good toughness, it can be bent.

Plastic building panels for curved surface concrete.

5. Plastic formwork can be nailed, drilled, sawed, cut.


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