What are the advantages of plastic formwork?

We know that there are different kinds of formwork such as wood formwork, steel formwork, aluminum formwork, and plastic formwork. But why should we choose plastic formwork?  I think this article can give you a good answer. Let’s see together.

  • The advantages of plastic formwork

1. We can use this kind of plastic formwork for 50-100 times. Unlike wood formwork, it is more suitable for projects that need more turnover times. We can reduce the total formwork cost for the projects by using plastic formwork. Even you may rent people to other people.

2. With good toughness, we may use it as various special-shaped templates with curved surfaces; It is resistant to acid, alkali, and corrosion, no anti-corrosion treatment is required during use and storage, and it does not pollute the surface of the concrete.

3.  Concrete formed by plastic formwork is smooth and clean and doesn’t need the second plastering.

4. Like traditional wood formwork, we can drill, cut, saw, and nail plastic formwork into different shapes to suit the construction demand.

5. Compared with steel and aluminum formwork, its cost is very economical.

6. The workers don’t need to use a releasing agent if use plastic formwork. It saves Labor costs and improves the efficiency of the project.

7. With good properties of strong strength and good impact-resistant, it is very durable and is not delaminated and cracked.

8. It is waterproof, stable, and suitable for coastal or humid areas.

  • Why our products are so good?

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  • To get to know more about our product

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